Logement du 167


Little Italy
+ Complete layout. Custom furniture.


Raphaël Thibodeau
Images fixes et en mouvement

The client, being a plant lover, wanted to rethink the layout of his home in order to bring in as much light as possible. The challenge? The disposition of the bedroom at the front of the apartment and the imposing column concealed in a wardrobe. Our approach has been to move the master bedroom to the rear of the unit to bring the living areas into the brighter section of the apartment. We designed a multifonction central unit that accommodates part of the kitchen, the column and the living room storage. This block also makes it possible to distinguish a specific area for the dining room. The kitchen has also been stretched towards the dining area, creating a generous work surface as well as a bar nook. 

The custom-made furniture found in each room makes it possible to make the most of the spaces.

We designed the new rooms with permeable partitions that create a feeling of openness front the front to the rear of the apartment.

The headboard has been designed to allow the bed to be positioned under the window and streamline the small space.

The Japanese soaking tub makes it possible to integrate a shower and a good-sized vanity into the limited space.