Maison Chabot


Complete renovation of the house 
+ Modifications to rear windows


Raphaël Thibodeau 
Images fixes et en mouvement

Manufacturing and installation

Cassia Construction

The house on Chabot had been lived in by the same family for several years. The challenge? To adapt it to their lifestyle, which had changed over time. To do this, we redesigned all the floors. On the first floor, we moved the kitchen closer to the outside. The windows are proportional to the islands, with a door on each side allowing access to the different outdoor areas. The kitchen, without being central, also links the rest of the first floor spaces. Its volume stretches and transforms from the dining room to the living room. Above the staircase, a new skylight brings natural light all the way down. Upstairs, space is maximized. The former large bathroom has been transformed into two bathrooms, one connecting to the master suite and the other to the upstairs landing.