Uvée's Clinique


Uvée optométriste de quartier
+ Adapted space for eye exams


Raphaël Thibodeau, Images fixes et en mouvement

Manufacturing and installation

Vez éco-construction
Il Fabrique

Uvée wanted to offer a range of eco-responsible products in a warm space including a boutique and a clinic. The challenge ? To stand out from the conservative and standard layout of the optometry clinics, as well as the small size of the space. We designed the space around a glass examination room visible from the street. The windows at the front and back let in natural light in, an asset for doctors. Out of the examination room, the space is multifunctional and the pretest room has been installed in an alcove in order to maximize the space. Materiality refers to the world of clinics, but is distinguished by its natural woods, ceramics and bright colors that reflect the brand image.